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Snug Dizzie by DizzieDoodles
Snug Dizzie
Just a quicky drawing of my dog-sona, Dizzie X3. I love drawing snuggly jumpers, shame the weather here isn't cold enough to require me to wear one myself, though I probably shouldn't complain XD;. 

I forgot how nice the watercolour brushes in Clip Paint are to use <3. 
Wii U Link Plush by DizzieDoodles
Wii U Link Plush
Plush of Link from the upcoming Wii U Legend of Zelda! 

I actually started making him way back in April, but had a bit of a slump in confidence while making him so he'd been sat unfinished on my desk for the majority of the year. But I was finally filled with the DETERMINATION I needed to finish him off at long last! And I'm pretty pleased with the result =D

Materials:  Plush fabric, craft velour, Kona cotton, doe suede, faux leather, craft foam, fabric paint, acrylic paint, embroidery thread, iron-on transfer paper and waxed cotton cord

© Nintendo
Chillin' with the Skele-bros by DizzieDoodles
Chillin' with the Skele-bros
More Undertale fluff, it's really cold here so I drew these guys wearing cozy jumpers and being cute to help warm myself up a bit X3. And they're eating Nice Creams of course! This game is so gosh-darn sweet, drawing scenes like this just comes naturally ^^. 

Drawn in Clip Studio Paint Pro

Papyrus, Sans and the kid © Toby Fox
Toriel Plushie by DizzieDoodles
Toriel Plushie
I have sunk deep into the realms of Undertale Hell, and I have absolutely no intention of leaving XD. I haven't enjoyed a game this much in a LONG time, I just love it to pieces, and it's filled me with DETERMINATION <3! So, naturally, I made a plush! Of the best Goatmum in the world, Toriel <3! 

Her face is hand embroidered (save for the pupils which are felt), the Delta Rune on her dress is made of cut felt (it was originally an iron-on transfer, but for some reason the transfer refused to bond with this fabric and peeled off =[. I think it looks much better this way though, so it worked out for the best in the end!) and the square design on her dress is hand painted. 

I also learned how to properly ladder stitch! Which made attaching her horns and ears SO much easier than how I would've done it originally XD;. 

Materials: Plush fabric, Kona cotton and felt. 

[EDIT] Just to note, because I've had a few people ask this, I'm afraid she is not for sale, and I don't intend on recreating her, sorry! I'm very flattered by the offers though ^^!

Toriel © Toby Fox
Hexipal Plushies by DizzieDoodles
Hexipal Plushies
Plushies I made a few months back of Hexipal and Hexigal from Double Fine's Broken Age =3. Hexigal's jacket was a nightmare to put together x_x;. Have learned a lot since I made these two, and thinking back I realise there are far easier ways I could've gone about making them, BUT OH WELL XD.

The brim of her hat has a piece of foam in it to keep it's shape, and their arms and legs are wired. 

Materials: Plush fabric, felt, craft foam and pipe cleaners  

Hexipal and Hexigal  © Double Fine

Insert Interesting Sounding Title Here

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2015, 7:52 AM

Well it's not quite been a whole year since my last journal update XD;. Figured that since I spammed up my gallery with stuff, I may as well update this as well while I'm at it (and add a pretty new skin by anokazue to brighten things up a bit). 

Just a heads up, I'm more inclined to post stuff onto my Tumblr at first, and then upload things onto here later, so feel free to check that out if you want somewhat more regular updates =)

So what am I up to, well right now I'm taking a short break from taking plushie commissions in order to work on revamping my plushie patterns. I currently have a pattern for a new "chibi" proportioned human plush almost finalised, just a few more adjustments before I can make something of it (have an idea in mind on what to try first), and I'm also planning for a taller plush pattern which I'm hoping to reflect the proportions of my usual drawing style a little better, if I can get it to work out how I'm hoping. At some point I'd also like to work more on some non-human plushies again, but I'll get to that in time, and I'm at least learning skills I can use when I come around to making those.

Not much to say in regards to drawing though, it's taken a bit of a back-seat to the plushies, but I'm at least out of that slump I mentioned in the last journal, and I have a few things in mind I wanna draw at some point, mostly in regards to my characters which I seem to be drawing the most of as of late XD;. I've spent a lot of time recently thinking about my characters and their stories and what I want to do with them, I have a hard time getting it down in writing though that's the problem so it's all stuck in my head right now XP;. I would really like to actually start doing something with Ivy's (formally Vixen) story in particular though, she's gone through so many changes over the many years I've had her, and I think I'm starting to come to a point in which I'm comfortable with the direction it's progressing. There are a few other characters and stories I'd really like to work on too, which are more fantasy based compared to Ivy's more "slice of life" style of story, but again it's all about actually getting it down on paper, which is the hard part XD;. 

All that aside, I have been watching WAY too much anime as of late XD;. I bought a premium membership for Crunchyroll at the end of last year, and it's safe to say I've made good use of it, far more than I ever did with my Netflix subscription that's for sure, haha. Since getting it I've watched a 3rd of Hunter x Hunter (got a bit burnt out with it, might go back to it though), Sword Art Online, Rurouni Kenshin (which has made itself one of my fav animes so far, and I'm currently reading the manga as well), Your Lie in April, Yona of the Dawn (which is the one I'm most into at the moment), Durarara (again, another anime to become a top fav of mine), Log Horizon (got a bit burned out with this too though), Little Busters! and Kuroko's Basketball (yes, I'm watching a basketball anime, and for someone who typically doesn't care for sports, I'm really enjoying it for some reason XD).
I also tried watching SHIROBAKO, which being about the workings of an anime animation studio you'd think it would interest me, but after 2 episodes I got really bored of it, not so much of the stuff on the running of the studio itself as that was pretty interesting, but more of the main cast of cutesy girl characters; I think it's one of those shows that would appeal more to fans of K-ON! and the likes which really arn't for me XP. And I watched the first episode of Fate/Stay Night, which I did enjoy and probably will get into, but the order of whether to watch it or the prequel, Fate Zero, first confused me so I think I'll get through the ones I'm watching first before figuring that out XD;. 
On top of that, given all those animes were in Japanese, I needed something English to watch to occupy me while working on my plushies (because trying to sew and read subtitles at the same time is not something I am capable of doing successfully XD; ), so I bought the first season of Black Butler on DVD and somehow managed to watched all of it within a few days XD;. I enjoyed it, were some issues here and there with the pacing of the overall story, but had a cast of great characters to make up for it, plus it had J. Michael Tatum, who also did the voice of Okabe from Steins;Gate, playing Sebastian (not MY Sebastian however, part of the reason I avoided this anime until now was because having an OC share a name and certain physical features as the main character from this was a little awkward for me, even though they're really nothing alike besides that XD; ) and his voice is oh-so suave and lovely <3. 
And finally, not "technically" an anime, I watched all of RWBY, mainly because I felt terrible for having not watched it before hearing the creator of it suddenly passed away =(. Such a terrible shame, RWBY is an AWESOME show and he was super talented, it's really sad to see someone so young and with so much potential die so suddenly like that. 

Well, that ended on a depressing note, sorry about that, not got much else to say XD;. Think I've blabbed on enough, should probably actually get back on with stuff instead of procrastinating on this journal any longer ^^;. Expect another journal entry in another year, probably XD!

  • Mood: Content
  • Reading: Ruroni Kenshin
  • Watching: TOO MUCH ANIME
  • Playing: Majora's Mask and Tales of Xillia


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No prob! It's super cute ^^! 

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